The Light Train. Jerusalem

Hillel Street Jerusalem Acrylic on Canvas

I Love. Acrylic on Canvas

Sun and Birds. Acryl on Canvas

The Sea before Manhatten. Mixed Media on Rice Paper 160x80cm. 6500€

Springtime Melody. Acrylic on Paper. 60x80cm. 2900€

Meeting Point. Mixed Media on Canvas. 180x100cm. 8200€

Fresh Tomatoes. Mixed on Wood. 70x120cm 6200€

Iris. Oil on Canvas. 160x80cm. 6500€

Reaching Port. Mixed Media on Canvas. 120x210

Uster Brunnenstrasse Switzerland. Acrylic on Canvas. 80x30cm. 4500€

Berlin Sunset Uside Down. . Acrylic on Paper. 60x50cm. 2900€

A Song For Peace. Mixed Media on Canvas. 240x60cm. 12000€

Present Meets Past. Mixed Media on Wood. 180x80cm. 8900€

Oh. 60x140cm. Mixed Media on Paper. 4500€

Rain Approaching. Acrylic on Canvas. 60x70cm. 4500€